News 10/02/2014

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Dear Guests and Old Friends of Dar Ayniwen,

It has been a long way since 2001, but Dar Ayniwen has not stopped evolving for the better, for you.

First of all, let me thank all of you who have been here before.
I have not figured out the ins and outs of the TripAdvisor Best Hotels Challenge, but again this year, because of you, our beloved guests, we have been selected as best place for romance, luxury and small hotels in Africa.
Me, Aziz, and the staff are grateful by all means about your comments which led to this nomination, so thank you, thank you, thank you…

Let me tell you about our new project at Dar Ayniwen.
We have decided that it was not enough for us to offer you a great stay, a way to relax, or a refreshing walk in our garden.
We want to make sure that your culinary experience is going to be exceptional as well. I think there is only one way to that is by producing organic product ourselves.
Even if the idea is just bubbling for now, we have had since the beginning our own olive oil from the garden, untreated lemons and some oranges, basil and other herbs that are found in our dishes.
Obviously if it was nice to have these touches, today we want more.
The goal is now to put our organic products in our dishes, bio vegetables, and to have a maximum of homemade products, including, but not limited to jam, bread, pastries, and so on.
Eggs from our chicken farm, where chicken run….yes for real.

I have found 3,75 acres of land that will be used to develop this project. I will be delighted to take you there if you are interested.
Attached are a few pictures…
We are very excited about the planting and hope that this project will, once implemented, enhance your experience at Dar Ayniwen as well.

In the meantime, everyone is getting ready to welcome you at Dar Ayniwen. Not only have we worked in the house to make it more comfortable and cosy but in the garden as well to offer you a wonderful spring.
The sun is back, the pool is warm and if you get your flight tickets early you may get good rates.

Remember that if you call us a bit in advance, we will be happy to keep an option on a suite for
you…and who knows: If this one gets booked in the meantime, you may get a free upgrade.

Stéphane ABTAN, Managing Owner

Cell +212 661 247 034



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