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Getting Started with TripAdvisor Ranking & Reviews

To All Dar Ayniwen Guests:
You have stayed with us and we would like to thank you for choosing us. We hope you had a wonderful …

A Stay in Marrakech, District by District

You are planning a trip to the Red City and the “Where to stay?” and “Which area is best?” questions have returned too many Google …

The Old Market is Dead, Long Live Carré Eden!


The Old Market is Dead, Long Live Carré Eden!

After six years in the pipeline and only a few months behind schedule, the Carré Eden Shopping …

BCF-Déco Exhibited at Dar Ayniwen

BCF deco 300

Dear All,
As you may already know, we at Dar Ayniwen have a strong interest for all kinds of art, and fine antiques especially. My …

Thank you Weston Magazine Group


Thank you Weston Magazine Group
Journey to the kingdom of morocco, know as Al-Maghrib in arabic, “the land to the west”. A moderate islamic country inhabited …

Dar Ayniwen sponsoring ARC Association

Dar Ayniwen sponsoring ARC Association
I am sorry it has taken so long but I wanted to make sure that I gave you a complete account …


Sidi-Mohammad Rahhaoui Zagora Marathon

With just over 4 weeks to go until the 29th MARATHON DES SABLES that will take place from April 4-14 in the Sahara Desert in …

News 10/02/2014

Dear Guests and Old Friends of Dar Ayniwen,
It has been a long way since 2001, but Dar Ayniwen has not stopped evolving for the better, …

A luxury Hotel in Marrakech

Luxury Marrakech is brought to you by the owner / manager of Dar Ayniwen, a luxury hotel in Marrakech.

A planted promenade, a secret garden

Not long ago someone told me « You know Stephane, here we indulge in secret luxury. »
That was a wonderful compliment and had me …

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Dar Ayniwen

Tafrata – Palmeraie de Marrakech
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